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Ready to open your very own Escape Room? You’re in the right place. From A to Z, we have your Quest. Let us help you create a unique, compelling experience to attract and delight Escape Room fans.
INDESTROOM is your secret source for challenging and entertaining Escape Room Design, Concept, and Execution. To stand out in the expanding Escape Room ‘universe’ it’s crucial to have a unique approach, even if you choose a familiar or ‘commercial’ setting or scenario.

INDESTROOM is a Collection of Escape Room Experts at your service.

Why build another typical lock and key scenario when you can dazzle your guests with exciting genres?

Word of mouth in the Escape Room universe is huge, and INDESTROOM can help you keep your Quests ever-fresh. Distinguish yourself with our services and offer fresh scenarios with a few changes.

People will come if your quest is intriguging and unique!

Don’t worry if you’re not an ‘idea factory’ – that’s what we do!

Our range of services is designed to help you with:

Writing new Scenarios and updating current ones
Expert Project and Construction Work
Sound, Camera, Engineering Installation
Props and Design
Engineering Solutions of any complexity
Personnel Training;
Turn-key Ready Quests;
Writing Quest Control Programs;
Quest Servicing.
Creating A Live Quest Is Easy, When You Have The Right Partner. Call Us!




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